Notes: The Florida recount continues while television newsmen wring their hands over the "constitutional crisis" and the "danger" to the nation brought to you by corporate advertisers. Spokesmen for the two candidates self-righteously intone gravely about the egregious acts of the other side. Nevertheless, all remains calm around the nation with no hint of crisis in the air -- really just mass amusement. Well, there are those attention-starved people in Florida frenetically trying to get on camera behind on-air broadcasters. They hold up signs and smile at being on television while they talk on cell phones to people who say, "Hey I see you on TV." They jump up and down at that point. Soon a winner will be declared and we'll have another president who's been bought and paid for by fat cats. And as Dr. Pangloss said in Candide, "All events are interconnected in this best of all possible worlds ...." 11.10.00