Notes: Both the presidential and vice-presidential debates were held during the week. The flash polls gave the better performance to Al Gore over George W. Bush and Dick Cheney over Joe Lieberman -- though most people have already made up their minds anyway. Some commentators believe that Gore's answers were a bit too eager, a bit too long. He's has a wonderful command of facts and flawlessly phrases his lines with the precision of a hip-hop artist. But, he does have a quality of being that student in high school who had all the answers and was always raising his hand. Bush held his own and didn't make any real blunders, but is not gifted with flowing speech or a command of details. However, he does come across as one of the guys. If he were in high school with Gore, he'd groan with his buddies every time Gore raised hand and snicker while he recited the correct answer. 10.06.00