Notes: During the week, George W. Bush appeared on Oprah. Al Gore was on the show last week. They each pandered to her in an effort to get a bigger share of the female vote. Not there to discuss issues, Bush and Gore were, however, both entertaining. With warm, fuzzy questions and answers, the odd part was that the attempt to get women's vote was so terribly obvious. I thought they both sounded as though they were trying to get a date with the women of America using obvious lines. Discussing the Oprah appearances on CNN's Inside Politics, Time Magazine political analyst Margaret Carlson expressed her displeasure that the campaign for the female vote had come down to this vacuous level. Is it significant to your vote to know what the candidate's favorite gift was? Oddly, Oprah asked Bush if he was smarter than the rest of us, commenting that Americans want to think that the president is smarter than they are. I suggest that the presidency is largely about leadership and communication and not about IQ. That's what the policy wonks are for. 09.22.00