Notes: Senator Joseph Lieberman talks about God at every turn. Governor George W. Bush says Christ is his favorite philosopher and loves to talk about being saved. Vice President Al Gore says when he's in the White House he'll ask what would Jesus do. A cynic might think that these candidates are wearing religion on their sleeves to get votes. Despite all their moralizing, each candidate has taken campaign contributions from special interests who want something in return. Asking the question, "What would Jesus do?", he'd probably divide campaign contributions among the poor. Only Dick Cheney has risen above using religion for gain. He's busy trying to keep about $6 million in stock options from Halliburton that some believe will create a conflict of interest if he becomes vice president. He already received a $20 million golden parachute from the company despite having to get clearance from the board to receive it early.  It pays to be running for vice president. 09.01.00

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