Notes: Wednesday, May 24th, the Democratic National Committee held a fund-raiser. The meal was ribs and cole slaw served to contributors who gave up to $500,000 each. 13,500 plus attended the function in Washington, and $26.5 million was raised -- the largest amount ever raised in politics by a single event. Democratic fund-raiser and Clinton ally, Terry McAuliffe reportedly made 200 phone calls a day over six weeks to raise the money. Four phones were used with associates on three getting contributors on the line as McAuliffe used the fourth to move from contributor to contributor. The New York Times reported that Gore praised McAuliffe at the event as the "greatest fund-raiser in the history of the universe." Ironically, Gore also declared that he would make reform of the campaign finance system a top priority if he's elected president. 05.26.00

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