Notes: Elian Gonzalez -- the Cuban boy who was rescued at sea after his mother drowned -- is with relatives in Miami. His father has arrived from Cuba. The Justice Department plans to reunite him with his father. But, supporters of his American relatives have said they'll form a human chain to prevent anyone from taking Elian way from his relatives. Al Gore has made the mistake of taking inconsistent positions on the matter -- i.e., Gore broke with the administration and said that Elian should remain in the United States. Then, he said that if Elian's father says "on free soil" that he wants the child, Elian should go back with him to Cuba. Gore also said that if a court "on free soil" rules that his father should have custody, then that should happen. Meanwhile, George W. Bush has said that he thinks an American court should rule on the matter. Bush also supports Congress granting citizenship to Elian. While Florida electoral votes are at stake, polls show that most Americans support the return of Elian to his father. And there's grousing among some African Americans that Haitians are being treated differently from Elian. 04.07.00

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