Notes: Sen. John McCain is back from his Bora-Bora vacation after he dropped out of the Republican primaries. His batteries recharged, McCain plans to vigorously campaign for House Republicans who are running for reelection this year as well as for his friend New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He's in big demand because of his personal popularity with voters. But he faces a problem in Gov. George W. Bush. After a bitter campaign during the primaries -- causing bad feelings between him and Bush -- McCain has said, that as a Republican, he will support the Republican candidate for president. But he hasn't endorsed Bush and appears to avoid saying his name, instead referring to Bush as "him" and as the "Republican nominee." McCain is thought to be the contingent candidate for the Republicans for president in 2004 if Bush loses this year and is thought possibly too old to wait to run if Bush wins. So how strong will his support really be? 03.24.00

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