Notes: "The Long-awaited report by David Kay, the former United Nations weapons inspector who has been leading the American search for illicit weapons, will be the first public assessment of progress in that search since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1," according to a September 24 report in the New York Times by Douglas Jehl and Judith Miller.

The report is due out during October, and early drafts of it show that no WMDs have been found, though it may have documents showing that there had been WMD programs. The report is cast as an interim report with the search to continue. Hans Blix, the head of the former U.N. team searching for WMDs in Iraq has said that he now believes that Saddam Hussein destroyed those weapons long ago. The theory is that Saddam did not disclose this so as to keep potential attackers at bay by letting them think Iraq had WMDs.

If Saddam had WMDs, wouldn't it have been odd that he would hide them as the Bush administration has long proposed? If you really have WMDs aren't you going to use them when you're being attacked by a far superior power? Moreover, everyone agrees that Saddam is evil and wouldn't have hesitated using WMDs. The logic that Iraq would hide its WMDs when under attack has always struck me as surreal.