Notes: Much of Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed. Like Iraqity Daqity in the cartoon, Iraq must be put back together again. I hope America has better luck with that than all the king's horses and all the king's men did with putting Humpty Dumpty together again.

America won the war with Iraq. Now, can it win the peace? Twice during this past week, U.S. troops fired on Iraqi mobs killing and wounding civilians. The second time was a group of Iraqis protesting about the first killings. Then several Americans were injured by a grenade lobbed at them by unidentified assailants.

Meanwhile, different groups of Iraqis position themselves to grab power. Clerics from the majority Shiites are engaged in infighting to see which will dominate. One Shiite leader said that at 60% of the population, he was content to let America set up whatever government, after which Shiites would simply elect whoever they wanted in power. Iran is believed to be interfering to bring its favored Shiites into power. Turkey is rumored to have sent arms to Turkmen in the oil-rich north.

Meanwhile Sunni Muslims and Kurds don't want to be left out of power. So far, all I've read about Iraqi Christians, is that they don't want to be persecuted.

Donald Rumsfeld has said that we won't allow an Islamic government even if that's what Iraq wants. But, others in the Bush administration have said we will, if that's what the Iraqis want, based on Turkey as a model.

Rumsfeld and the Pentagon crew are said to favor Iraqi exiles who have returned to Iraq as leaders for the new government. The Pentagon supposedly wants to move quickly in forming a new government as that will favor the exiles, while the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency wanted to move slower. The Pentagon won on that skirmish as well as the name for the new government, "transitional government." The State Department had wanted it called "interim authority

Finally in the week, an April 9th tape of Saddam Hussein surfaced. In it, he looked worn and unlike he was ready to lead anything. Rumsfeld, on the other hand, is taking victory laps and looks ready to lead everything.