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This Campaign Comix collection contains strips dating back to when George W. Bush was governor of Texas and continuing through the 2000 presidential campaign. For all of the Thadeus & Weez strips done since then and more, check out the Thadeus & Weez home page.

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The 2000 Comix Click on a date to see the strip
December 31 The New Year: Hal Of
2001: A Space Odyssey Points Out The Not-Really-Elected Office Holders Of 2001

December 24 Bush: Opening An early Christmas Present

December 17 Y2K Presidential Election Over: Unity And Reality

December 10 Election Recount: Hail To The Chief?

December 3 Election Recount: Staging Press Conferences

November 26 Election Recount: The Fat Cats Fret

November 19 Election Recount: The World Gleefully Watches

Novermber 12 Election Recount: The Presidential Race Continues

November 5 Campaign 2000: Money Talks, Idealism Walks

October 29 Bush, Gore: Voters Lack Enthusiasm With Election Near

October 22 Swing Voters: The Bush And Gore Campaigns Focus Their Resources In The Final Three Weeks

October 15 Gore, Bush: Exaggerator And Dummy?

October 8 Bush, Gore: How They Came Across In The First Debate

October 1 Hollywood: Senate Hearings On The Entertainment Industry

September 24 Gore, Bush: Courting The Female Vote.

September 17 Bush, Gore: Campaign Tricks: Rats In Bush Ad, Bush Debate Package To Gore Ally, Old Dem Fund-Raising Memo Suddenly Re-surfaces

September 10 Gore, Bush: Spending The Projected Budget Surplus

September 3 Lieberman, Gore, Bush: Wearing Religion On Their Sleeves

August 27 Bush, Gore: Claiming To Be The Candidate With Values

August 20 Laura Bush, Tipper Gore: The 1950s redux

August 13 Gore: The Former President Bush And President Clinton Subtext With Cameo By Bernard Shaw In LA

August 6 Gore, Kerrey: Should Gore Choose Sen. Bob Kerrey for his V.P.?

July 30 Bush: His Dad's Influence -With Cameo By CNN's Bernard Shaw

July 26 Bush, Cheney: Bush Selects Cheney, Head Of The Search

July 23 Bush: The Process Of Choosing A Vice President

July 17 Philadelphia Police: The Pre-Convention Video-Taped Arrest

July 16 George P. Bush: Nephew To George W. Bush

July 14 Christie Todd Whitman: The Frisking Photo

July 13 Peace Dove: The Mideast Peace Talks

July 11 Missile Test: The Missile Shield Test Failure.

July 9 Big Brother: CBS Premiers Big Brother

July 2 Cuban Embargo: Easing The Cuban Embargo

June 25 Bush and Gore: Fight For The Moderate Swing Vote

June 18 Death Penalty: Is A Real Life Sentence A Better Punishment

June 11 527s: Section 527 Committees, The Air War

June 4 Bush: Bush Has Been Coming Across As Congenial...Even Reaganesque

May 28 Gore: The Democratic National Committee's Fund-Raiser

May 21 Bush: Private Investment Plan For Social Security

May 14 Million Mom March: Washington, D.C., Mother's Day

May 7 Bush and McCain: First Meeting Since The Primaries

April 30 Elian Gonzalez: Republicans Call For Hearings

April 23 Elian Gonzalez, Robert Mugabe, Bobby Knight: Week's News Stories

April 16 Bush, Ralph Reed: The Microsoft Lobbying Debacle

April 9 Elian Gonzalez: A Plan For Everyone To Share Custody

April 2 Free Speech: Choose Your Favorite Version

March 26 McCain: Supporting Bush Or Not

March 19 Bush and Gore: Fund-Raising Improprieties

March 12 Bush And Gore: Two Very Similar Candidates

Feb. 27 Bush: The Leaning Tower Of Texas

Feb. 20 Bush And McCain: Fundraising after South Carolina.

March 5 McCain And Bush: Democrats Are Having Fun But Being Ignored

Feb.13 Bush And McCain: Mudslinging

Feb. 6 Bush: Meets With His Advisers After New Hampshire

Jan. 30 Bush: New Hampshire Strategy

Jan. 23 Forbes: Is A No. 2 Finish In Iowa A Victory

Jan. 16 Bush And Gore: Why Women Like Them

Jan.9 McCain: A Prank Caller Plays Off McCain's Alleged Temper

Jan.1 Bradley and McCain: Y2K Bugs

The 1999 Comix Click on a date to see the strip
Dec. 26 G.O.P. Candidates: Santa Can't Bring Them All The Presidency

Dec. 19 Bradley And McCain: Donkey
And Elephant Gossip About Them Chasing Indpendents

Dec. 12 Bush: Does W. Smirk?

Dec. 5 McCain: McCain Watches As Forbes And Bush Attack Each Other

Nov. 28 Bush, Bradley, McCain: Voters Like Them But Can't Say Why

Nov. 21 Bush: Reformed Sinner

Nov. 14 Bradley: Basketball Fund Raising

Nov. 7 Bush,McCain, Gore: Tempers, Alpha Gore

Oct. 31 All Candidates: Political Halloween

Oct. 24 Bush: Biographies for Bucks

Oct. 17 Gore: All New Al

Oct.10 Bush: Triangulation

Oct. 3 Gore: New Campaign Strategy

Sept. 26 Bush: Tough Prosecution of Gun Crimes as Gun Control

Sept. 19 Buchanan: Running in Place

Sept.12 Bradley: Pelican Bill

Sept. 5 Bush: Campaign Finance Reform

Aug. 29 Bush: Questions Maureen and Dowd Other Jounalists

Aug. 22 Bush: Addresses Drug Use

Aug.15 All Candidates: The Iowa Straw Poll

Aug. 8 Quayle: Dan And His Attack Dog Marilyn

Aug. 1 Gore, Bradley, Bush: Al's Strategy to Ignore Bill

July 25 Bush: The Pioneers

July 18 Bush: His Military Service

July 11 Bush: Sharing the Political Spotlight with Hillary

July 4 Bush: His Campaign Finances

June 27 Bush, Gore: Two Regular Guys

June 20 Bush: Grecian formula Foreign Policy

June 13 Bush: Walking on Water

June 6 Bush: Getting off the Porch

May 23 Bush: Carol Rylander Saves the Tax Cut

May 9 Bush,Dole: Wake-Up Call

May 2 Bush: Why We Like Him

April 1 Bush: Gets The Golden Egg

March 14 Bush: Roe vs. Wade

March 7 Bush: Radical Right Republicans

Feb. 28 Bush: Front-Porch Pilgrims

Feb. 14 Bush: A Republican Valentine

Feb. 7 Bush: Tax Cut For Oil

Jan. 31 Bush: Social Promotion

Jan. 24 Bush: State Of The State

Jan. 3 Bush: Ready To Announce

Gov. Bush Strips Click on a date to see the strip

Nov. 29
Family vacation

Nov. 8 The Bush Brothers

Oct. 4 Welfare Reform

Sept. 13 Governor Grinch

Aug.23 Abstinence

July 26
Two Governors

July 5
Yo Quiero Governor Bush

June 28
Big Bucks To Bush

May 10
Campaign Ads

April 26

March 29
Sports Metaphor

Feb. 15
The Texas Tobacco Suit


Dec. 7
Running For President ...Maybe

July 20
Pirates, Politicians And Campaign Treasure Chests

June 1
Adios To The Tax Plan

April 27
Tobacco Suits And Suing For Revenue

Feb. 2
Selling The New Taxes

Jan. 26
Zen And The Art Of Raising Taxes


Nov. 17
Texas School Standards

March 17
Campaign War Chests

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